Who am I

My name is Ger van der Wal and I have been active as a promoter of edible insects for human consumption for more than 10 years. During this process I have been able to upgrade my personal and business qualities. Through trail and error I became wise and experienced my share in unfortunates. I feel comfortable if I can spread my passion, encourage others to participate and forge long-term collaborations.

Edible Insects

Insects are eaten everywhere in the world and soon Europe will also be open to edible insects. As an expert in the field of insect breeding and processing, I am available to help others with their challenges. Via Ger van der Wal Consultancy I do consultancy services, sparring sessions and projects on the topic of entomophagy. Challenge me!

Circular economy

Because insects can be used excellently to convert biomass into new proteins, I am also an expert in the field of circular thinking. It is not easy to close chains and break old habits. I like to think along with you.

To move mountains

Perseverance, passion and being positive ensure that people can move mountains. I will always believe in myself and the best in people, let’s work together for a better future.